If you intend to form a business entity or partnership, it is important to ensure that the technicalities are handled correctly from the beginning. By doing this important work upfront, it prevents problems down the road. One of the most important aspects of entity formation is that, depending on the particular entity, it may provide a level of insulation allowing for more freedom and risk in your business pursuits.

Likewise, when negotiating contracts and deals, whether as a business, partner, member, shareholder, or employee, it is important to ensure that the agreement embraces and addresses your needs and requirements and minimizes surprises.

We are experienced in dealing with a number of agreements in different contexts, including stockholder buy-sell agreements, merger agreements, partnership agreements, joint venture agreements, leasing and operating agreements, licensing and royalty agreements, real estate purchase and sale agreements, promissory notes and loan agreements, employment and severance agreements, and non-disclosure agreements.

Although we do not claim to be all things for all industries, we have a wide network of experts from which we can draw assistance if there is a unique area of law or industry practice that needs to be addressed in any agreement or business transaction.

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