About The Firm

The Rogson Firm is a boutique law firm founded by Yuval M. Rogson and located in Century City, California. Our main expertise is in the field of business litigation, but we also provide legal counsel on certain transactional and bankruptcy matters.

We are impassioned by the cause and welfare of our clients. We were founded on the principle that an attorney-client relationship should be more than just an economic transaction, but also a close advisory relationship nurtured and fostered from its inception with a view for the long-term. Pursuant to this vision, The Rogson Firm is premised on developing close and enduring relationships with its clientele.

We pride ourselves on meticulous preparation and cogent advocacy. Each client and each case receives individual attention and consideration. To begin with, we place ourselves in our client’s position and consider the best solutions available to resolve a dispute or forge an agreement. We always provide frank and sincere advice regarding the merits of a case or course of action, and the strengths and weaknesses of the available arguments and tactics. We carefully research the available angles in a case or transaction and create a game plan with the client to address their needs and optimize their results in a cost-efficient manner.

Our experience and philosophy. We have handled complex, high-profile matters while working at some of the most prestigious law firms in the nation. We have taken “bet-the-company” cases through verdict, handled corporate governance issues at publicly traded Fortune 200 companies, and enforced and defended agreements within varying industries, including real estate and entertainment matters. Our philosophy is to provide exceptional legal services tailored to the client’s needs without the carrying costs and constant billing pressure associated with a big law firm that inevitably leads to wasteful spending. Accordingly, we offer “bespoke” legal services tailored to fit your needs and accomplish your results, without a one-size-fits-all approach.

Representative Clients and Matters. Our representative clients include Fortune 200 companies, small to large companies, and certain high net worth individuals and professionals. Among other clients, we represent Body Glove International LLC as its outside counsel and in protecting its intellectual property and contractual rights. We also represent a large national bank in collecting on debts and enforcing its creditor’s rights.

If you would like additional information about our firm, our practice areas or to learn more about our attorneys, please Contact Us.